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Eagle View Cottage is owner-run and operated; Kelly and Lionel live on the property.
Salt Spring Island, BC Phone: (250) 538-8848 Email us:

The Property

The natural setting of the cottage is eco-friendly with many wild flowers and over grown grasses providing a natural sanctuary for the local habitat. Quail nest in the long grasses and enjoy the fat seed heads that we allow to ripen and self-sow. We even have a “bug hotel” where we pile rocks and wood that are allowed to naturally break down thus providing a home for local snakes and spiders, which are all beneficial to the garden. The Garter snakes enjoy the rustic grasses too and keep the balance and biodiversity of the property intact. The top of the property closest to the road is used to grow year round vegetables helping us toward our goal of sustainability. We even have a honey bee hive in the upper corner of the property (well away from walkways and drive) aiding in the pollination of the flowers, fruits and vegetables, and of course providing us with beautiful honey! Heritage hens graze on sections of the cottage property eating grass, pecking for bugs, and of course providing us all with beautiful eggs.

When tides are high a kayak is definitely in order. We provide a two seater kayak complete with life jackets and paddles. Toodle around the peaceful canal and quietly watch the wildlife, or venture out past the inlet and explore Baker Beach where you can beach comb and enjoy salty swims. Fun for the whole family! Relaxing on the new cedar dock just steps from the cottage is also a great way to see the birds. During the summer months the heron, turkey vultures, osprey, and the king fishers return to nest and feed. We have a pair of eagles that perch in front of the cottage and nest across the inlet (the nest can be seen with a pair of binoculars from the deck.) Eagle View Cottage is beautifully situated on the serene tidal waterfront of Booth Canal. Booth Canal is a long tidal inlet that runs into the northern end of the island from Samsun Narrows.  Early morning mist graces the waters and adds mystery to the quiet flight of seabirds.

Eagle View Cottage
Salt Spring Island, BC
Phone: (250) 538-8848